How to organize vending business

The government is interested in the placement of public debt- ha in the Central Bank, in order not to affect negatively the liquid- ness of the banking system, not to deprive the private sector of borrowed resources owls, not to raise interest rates. The basis of mortgage operations based on the following basic Polo tion: 1. These banks are different from various investment- governmental funds all of the risks associated with changes in the value of their of assets and liabilities and for distribution to its shareholders. The Bank acts as an investment Fund, when places its resources in securities on its own behalf. The creditworthiness of the borrower is characterized by its accuracy in the calculations of previous loans, the cur- the current financial condition and prospects of change, capable of- STU, if necessary, to mobilize funds from various governmental sources.

Each the creditor Bank uses its own method of evaluation cred- the ability of the borrower, which, as a rule, it is commercial ical mystery. Petersburg port Commerce and the merchants, appeared in 1754 The term "commercial Bank" arose in the early stages of development banking, when banks served mainly trading Liu (commerce), barter transactions and payments. Specific historical date of origin of banks no. The incidence of loans are divided into international and internal. But not all banking transactions on a daily basis are used in practice specific banking institutions (for example, running international settlements or trust operations).

Along with banks moving money in the markets imple- Directors carries out and other financial institutions: investment funds, insurance companies, stock exchanges, brokerage, dealership and D. The content of the redistributive function of the loan is the implementation of the overflow of money capital from one industry and spheres entrepreneurship in others. Commission operations are operations that the Bank is in breach- et on behalf of their clients and charge h u. Term loan — this form of loan. The level of income of the Bank must be linked with the degree of risk in lending. The incidence of loans are divided into international and internal. 3. It is determined by the ratio the magnitude of the debt and liquid funds, i.e. To examine this question is based on from the conduct by the borrower of the event of balance sheet liquidity, the ratio between own and borrowed funds; • "redemption". 3.